Second Event is Friday, June 19, 2013 at 3 Cross Ministries in Elkhart

The Journey continues!
Our first event was great!  We had an opportunity to begin to worship together and practice informally.  Those musicians and singers that were in attendance had there first opportunity to play together  As a result we believed it would be good to repeat this practice and worship event.  Our second event will be this coming Friday at 3 Cross Ministries on CR 6 in Elkhart, IN! This is a combination practice and worship event. We believe even practicing worship should be a time of worship.

Worship, Prayer, and Speaking
We will have praise and worship music, as expected, but this is about bringing the community together to worship our God, to pray for people to be healed, and to offer the community to lift heir voice to God and share what He tells them. We will have an open mic for people to speak to us all what God shares with them.

Remember, Wilderness Journey is not a set band of people. For us, Wilderness Journey is the path we are on towards God, and includes everyone that wants to offer praise and worship with thanksgiving to the master and Creator of the Universe.

See you Friday!!!

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