Community Worship Events

Summer 2013

Everyone can be involved! Our plan is to make free CD’s of the songs that will be played available to each of the church communities. Additionally we would like a group of at least 25 to 30 people who are willing to show up at each event just to sing in the congregation.

Kids can get involved too! We would like to have a group of kids sing the song Rock Into Water up- front at the final community celebration. We want to let the creative talents of the area really flow.

CONFIRMED DATES: Summer Worship Events

July 26 – Tri-Lakes Community Church

Doors Open at 6:30 pm. Event begins at 7:00 pm.
Please come worship with us, pray, and receive God’s healing touch.

50755 County Road 23
Bristol, IN 46507
(574) 848-5457

Summer Worship Events

Postponed – TBD
Main event: Postponed – TBD

More dates will be made available if needed.
Practice times will begin soon so get in touch as soon as possible!

Looking for:
Places to host events

Musicians                            Vocalists

Sound Techs                         Worshipers

                  Ushers                              Graphic Artists

                         Power Point                               Set-up/ Take Down Help

Donations                                 Volunteers

  Prod Assistants                       Roadies

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: KEVIN PLANK 574-238-6845 kevplank@mac.com

COVER ME Community Worship Events
There are many ways you can be a part of this
summer’s special events!

Find out more about this exciting project and find out how YOU can


Would you like to be an important part of a community worship project?
If the answer is “yes”… I would like to invite you to Join The Journey!

WILDERNESS JOURNEY, in conjunction with Wilderness Worship Productions is producing a LIVE ALBUM that will consist of all original songs.
This project is much more than just another artist putting out another group of songs. This is a COMMUNITY EVENT!


We want to capture our community singing and worshiping together. To do this, we are planning to hold 5 to 8 worship events throughout the region. Each event will be recorded live. From these recordings, an album will be produced which includes all of the songs sung and at least one song recorded from each location.

Most events (but not all) will be held on Friday nights starting in July and going through the first part of August (We are still confirming dates and locations for these events).

More details:
1. Each event will consist of a different team of people leading the gathering. This could potentially be the worship team from that church or location.
2. We are also looking for a team of commit- ted worshipers to be in the congregation. People from the church that will know the songs.
3. At least one of the songs will have a drama acted out during the playing of the song. People from the church (drama team?) can help with this.

At the end of the summer series there will be a final celebration to bring everyone together to worship. The album Created from the summer series will also be available at the final event.

How can you get involved?

There are a number of ways you can be involved. We will need singers, musicians, technical people to set up and run sound – lights – projector, ushers, promotional people, event coordinators, congregational singers. A large list of helpers in every way.

We will need a number of musicians at each event. This includes people who can play various types of instruments including, but not limited to:
Acoustic Guitar- Electric Guitar- Bass Guitar – Piano/Keyboard – Drums – Hand Percussion – Strings (cello, violin, etc.) – etc.

We need people committed to singing, either on stage or in the congregation. We don’t want these events to be a “concert”, we want to have a worship event!

Remember the whole idea of this project is that it is a recording of people singing and worshiping.
If you’re interested in getting involved on any level or to learn more about the vision, I would be happy to meet with you. Sim- ply get in touch with me and we can see how you can